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Last Updated: Nov 07, 2014 03:48AM CST

Email Integration with Base is fast, easy and the best way to synergize your email correspondence with deals in your sales pipeline. Base supports several different email services.


Base offers two options for syncing your email account. No matter which option you choose, your email will never be shared with anyone, including your team members, without your permission.


Both options also allow you to email your contacts in bulk, but your contacts will never know! Each message is delivered to individual recipients and appears as though they were sent only to that person.


Full Sync with Auto-Sort 

  • Incoming and outgoing mails are linked via contact email address. If the email exists in Base, it will automatically get attached to the contact card. We’ll also put all other email aside for you.

  • Email you send from Base will come from your email address and will be synced as sent mail.



If you prefer not to capture your incoming email, you can choose the Outgoing-only option. You’ll only be able to send email from Base with this option.

  • Email you send from Base will come from your email address and will be synced as sent mail.

Getting started

To get started on connecting your email with Base, head over to your  Settings, and select ‘Email’ from the menu.


Next, select the ‘Connect my Email’ button.


Importing your contacts


It’s a good idea to import your contacts before you sync your email with Base. Since auto-sorting your email depends on contact email addresses established in Base, importing before you sync will add a great deal of automation to the overall process.


If you haven’t yet imported your contacts, you’ll see a green box right above the ‘Connect Email’ button. Click ‘Import my Contacts’ to be taken to the Import menu.


Visit our Import & Export Knowledgebase for instructions on how to import your contacts from almost anywhere!


Remember, your contact inbox only displays email from your Base contacts. Please make sure your contacts have email addresses defined. You can also see email from other contacts in the Other Contacts tab.


Connecting your email


Base supports several services which only require your email address and password to sync. These include: Google Apps, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail.



If you are setting up Base with an Exchange server, SMTP/IMAP support is something that will specifically need to be enabled by an IT Admin. This is not a default feature for Exchange, but it can be enabled. 


Base also supports other email services through SMTP/IMAP. Using this method requires you to enter a few server details once: SMTP server, SMTP port, IMAP server, and IMAP port.

You should make sure that at least 3 relevant mailboxes are marked as visible in your IMAP (as seen in the example for Gmail and Google Apps): Inbox, All Mail, and Sent Mail (Outbox).



SMTP Tips:

  • Most SMTP server addresses are structured as or If you’re not sure what your address is, you can usually find it with a quick Google search “smtp email provider name”.

  • The most common ports used for SMTP are 25, 80, 3535, and 465, but yours may be different.

Privacy and Security


At Base, we take privacy and security very seriously. We require all integrated email accounts to have SSL or TSL security enabled. If your email host does not use SSL or TSL encryption, you’ll receive an error message stating “connection not secure” and your accounts will not integrate with Base. You can check if your email host has SSL encryption with this tool. If you don’t have SSL or TSL encryption enabled, talk to your IT Administrator. Please note that we will not accept self-signed certificates.


Click here to read more about our privacy and security practices.


After you select your sync option and enter the necessary account details, click ‘Connect Email’. Base will begin syncing with your inbox. The process can take a while, depending on the size of your inbox. Feel free to navigate away from the page while Base works.


You’ll receive an email notification once the sync is complete.


That’s it! Your email account is now integrated with Base!


Your Email

The email tab is where you’ll access your integrated account through Base on the web app. You’ll notice your email divided into four distinct sections:



Your inbox contains all incoming email messages from your Base contacts.


Untracked Emails


The Untracked Emails tab contains a list of people who have sent you email, but aren’t added as Base contacts yet. You can click 'Add as Lead' to create a Base Lead card for them, ‘Add as Contact’ to create a Base Contact card for them,  or click ‘Ignore’ to remove them from the list.





The Sent tab contains all email messages that you have sent to your Base contacts.




The Archived tab lists all of your archived mail. When you archive a message, it is removed from the associated contact card and deal, but does not get deleted.


When you sync your email with Base, we create a folder called ‘Archive’ in your email service. When you archive an email in Base, the message gets placed in that folder in your email client. Similarly, when you place an email in that folder via your email client, it will be moved to the Archived tab in Base.


Filters, Sender Type and Deal Stage


Your Contact Inbox, Sent, and Archived email lists can all be filtered by a number of characteristics: Sender Type (prospect, client or new leads), Assigned to Deal, Deal Stage, or Hot Deal.


Deal Association


You can change the deal association right from your Contact Inbox, Sent or Archived email lists. Simply mouse-over the email you’d like to chance, and select ‘Deal Association’. You can now choose from a list of deals associated with that contact, and move the email to a different deal.


Bulk Actions


When you select a message, you can Mark as Read, Mark as Unread, or send it to the Trash (archive). You can also perform these actions on multiple emails at once.


Sync Frequency


Base email integration regularly syncs with your email service every 10-15 minutes. However, you can elect to manually sync your email as often as you’d like, by clicking the sync icon at the top of your email.



Contact Cards and Deals

With full integration, emails sent to and from your contacts appear on your Base contact card, as well as any deals associated with that contact.


When you open a contact card or deal, you’ll see any emails you’ve traded with that contact listed in the activity feed. The default view is ‘all activity’, but you can filter the list to show only emails.


The email is shown in a collapsed (preview) mode. Select the ellipsis icon to expand the email and view the full content.


After you opening, mousing over the message will show two options:


Convert to note – if you selected ‘full sync with auto-sort’ during your email integration setup, you have the option to convert the message into a note on the contact card and associated deal. This will allow any other administrators on your account to view the message content.


Mark as read – you can mark the message as read directly from the activity feed.


Composing a message

Sending email from Base is easy.  Simply navigate to a contact card or deal, and select the 'Send an Email' tab above your activity feed. Compose your message, and hit Send Email! It's that easy. You can also compose a message from your regular email client, and we'll automatically attach the message to the appropriate contact card and deal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have email templates?
Yes, read How Can I Use Email Templates? article about it

If I sync emails, does it create Contacts for everyone who we’ve ever emailed, or does it only recognize emails from contacts created in Base?
Syncing emails will pull in for Leads and Contacts in Base. Anyone else will be added to the Untracked tab, and they can be pulled into Base from there.

If I create a new contact in Base who I’ve emailed before, do those old emails automatically get uploaded into

New Contacts created in Base will indeed pull in their old email history – the process usually takes 5-15 minutes.

Can I use a Gmail alias with email integration?
Currently, Gmail aliases are not recognized in Base.  The address that is used to set up email integration is the address your emails will be and appear as 'sent from'.


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Note: If you have two-factor authentication set up on your email site you will need to obtain an app specific password to complete your integration with your Base account, otherwise you will find yourself unable to connect your email account in Base.

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